You know your business better than anyone...

But you may not always know how best to run, build, grow and market your business.

KNOVATA is where sound business knowledge meets effective marketing.



Together we can make your business stronger.

We have a range of services that help you work out  the best business model, what your offering is and who you’re  targeting and the marketing tools and campaigns needed to get your message to your audience and generate sales.

Business Coaching

Our unique blend of business acumen and marketing know-how means we are perfectly placed to help you devise and implement tailored strategies and plans to help your business grow.


Digital Marketing

Understanding what makes you and your customers unique, is the first step to successful marketing. We’ll help you nail your value proposition and understand your target audience.


Video Production

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then videos are worth a million. Speak directly to your customers, create trust and explain what makes you the best at what you do with videos.


“Gerrie and Sarita were a fantastic help at identifying the right marketing strategies  for my business.”

Suki – Founder of OrigamiGlobe

Nobody does what you do better than you. Your unique experience, industry know-how and carefully evolved products and services makes your business what it is.

However, having a fantastic business idea and making it commercially successful are two very different things and whilst you may be the best at your craft, you may not always know where to start when it comes to business strategy, marketing and social media.

Nobody knows business like us.

The perfect combination of big picture ideas and  attention to detail, strategy and creative, business know how and marketing prowess backed with years of industry experience founding, growing and selling companies, running hugely successful marketing campaigns and working on smash hit films and TV commercials.

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